Chitosan's Antibacterial principle

* The amino cations in the chitosan molecule bind to sialic acid or phospholipid anions that attach to the bacterial cell wall.  The cations then bind to the anions, limiting the cell's freedom and then preventing its reproduction. At the same time, the low molecule of chitosan can penetrate into the cell wall of bacteria, hinder the transfer of its genetic factors from DNA to RNA, hinder the development and growth of bacteria

Chitosan-Modal Fiber Technology

* Chitin is a natural polymer compound existing in animal carapace, chitosan is the deacetylation product of chitin, is the only natural polysaccharide discovered so far, it has strong antibacterial, biodegradability, adsorption, high moisture, and has excellent ulcer inhibition function. Annie’s Smartex, from the deep sea crab, shrimp shell chitin extraction, through the biochemical process made with chitosan as the main component, modal as the carrier of natural antibacterial fiber. The product is highly praised by consumers who advocate "natural, green and environmental protection" and pursue health and longevity.

Chitin modal fiber has high antibacterial effect, it has inhibitory effect on a variety of bacteria, fungi, such as escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus and other harmful bacteria have strong antibacterial activity. The principle is that positrons in molecules and sialic acid of phosphorus ester in microorganisms combine to limit microbial life activities, while its antibacterial group enters microbial cells and inhibits DNA transcription into RNA, thus preventing cell division. This is a healthy antibacterial method, does not affect the natural ecological balance;

*At the same time chitin modal fiber also has a good skin care effect and moisture absorption and moisturizing performance, on human sweat and odor, skin itching, dermatitis, beriberi and other good inhibition and adjuvant treatment.

Chitosan's Moisturizing property

Chitin modal fiber has good moisture retention, its moisture recovery rate can reach more than 15%, can greatly improve the water absorption of synthetic fiber fabric, to achieve the purpose of moisture absorption and quick drying.  Because chitin and modal have good moisture absorption and moisture and ionic properties, can effectively disperse the charge on the fiber surface, eliminate electrostatic accumulation phenomenon, so that the fabric surface voltage drop, so as to

achieve the effect of antistatic.




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