What's the Property?

This kind of synthetic rock belongs to the special Yushan rock, which we call Yushan stone, but the energy field is deep and thick, and the person who senses the gas field can feel its power immediately. Can rule out the body and space of turbid gas, disease qi. Increase the energy in the body and accelerate the circulation. Yushan stone does not need to be cleaned, is a function of a wide range of practical treasure. It is a good way to put it in the bathtub, strengthen the energy of the body, eliminate negative energy and disease, improve arthritis and rheumatism, and get it all at once.


Cooling Touch Feeling

The specific heat of Yushan stone is small, heat conduction and heat dissipation are fast, therefore, jade coating can quickly absorb human body temperature, so that the skin has a cool feeling. The intercalation structure of Yushan stone, for reflecting the UV light in the sun, will also produce a certain effect, to achieve the effect of blocking, the most effective part is to reflect the outside line of light, can achieve the effect of heat insulation, so as to achieve a long-term cold effect.


The ice cooling powders mix with Nano Zinc powders  make fiber can absorb and reflect ultraviolet light, so it has the function of anti ultraviolet radiation.


Nano zinc can produce active substances that inhibit the growth of bacteria, destroy the protein in bacteria, and have strong inhibitory effect on bacteria and fungi.


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