The application of volcanic mud 

In addition to the traditional metallurgical and chemical uses of volcanic mud. Nowadays, in the field of medical physiotherapy and wall materials, the role of volcanic mud has been gradually developed and widely welcomed. Westerners like to apply the treated volcanic mud on their faces, which has the effect of whitening and beauty.

In addition Volcanic mud beauty, volcanic mud can also treat a variety of diseases. Apply it on the wall to purify the air. The ancients smeared volcanic mud on clothing interlayer, often wearing it can strengthen muscles and bones, prevent rheumatism and other diseases. Now Westerners like to do volcanic mud baths. Because many components of volcanic mud infiltrate into human body, it has a very good effect on relieving fatigue, reducing pressure and relieving pain.

Strong adsorption effect

Volcanic mud solidified from ash after volcanic eruption has strong sebum absorption capacity, which is close to traditional pore cleaning raw materials such as charcoal, loess and sea mud. The amazing effect of volcanic mud depends on the principle of sebum and dirt adsorption on the skin. A chemical method of sucking dirt out of the skin by using the mutual attraction of anions and cations carried by different substances.

Adsorption Principle

*  Volcanic mud corresponds to this principle. After dissolving in water, it carries positive or negative charges, thus adsorbing the same charged sebum dirt. From a physical point of view, like the magnets of the Antarctic and the Arctic, there is a strong attraction between them. When mud meets sebum, there is also an adsorptive force that is not easy to separate.

Volcanic mud has more pores than charcoal in terms of physical adsorption. The pore area of 1G charcoal is similar to that of a tennis court, and the pore area of volcanic mud is even more unimaginable.

The physical adsorption capacity is proportional to the surface area of the material, so it can be concluded that the adsorption capacity of volcanic mud is stronger than that of charcoal.

In addition, volcanic mud is rich in potassium, sodium and a variety of natural mineral ingredients, showing excellent moisturizing, elastic and sedative soothing effect.

The application in textile Industry

The natural rare mineral elements will help skin coruscate new born,from inside to outside is clear , bright and shine. 

Volcanic mud fiber has good mechanical properties, emit high emissivity of Far Infrared Ray, high moisture absorption and antimicrobial properties,Especially we have tested the function of anti-propionibacterium 

Functional Tips

Volcanic mud textiles, with special characteristics of many elements, have beneficial physiological effects on the human body and their chemical stability, will not change or deteriorate in time. Volcanic mud is non-toxic, non-allergic and quite safe. Because it will benefit the body's electric current and relieve muscle tension, it is very suitable for the use of physical health care.

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