What is aerogel?

Aerogel is a kind of nanoporous material with low density and high porosity first developed by American scientist S.Kistier in 1931. As early as 1993, NASA had applied aerogel to the aerospace field as a thermal insulation material. More than 90% of the aerogel is 10-30 nanometers of still air mass, which has a very good thermal insulation effect. The thermal insulation effect of one inch thick aerogel is equivalent to the thermal insulation effect of 20-30 pieces of ordinary glass. Also known as solidified blue smoke because of its low density. Aerogel is the best thermal insulation material known at present. The thermal conductivity of aerogel is 0.018W/M.K lower than that of static air 0.026W/M.K, and the thermal insulation effect is better than that of static air.


High efficiency thermal insulation performance: thermal insulation value is far more than the national standard very low thermal conductivity: ≤0.02W/ (MK). Thinner insulation thickness: it is 1/2 of the thickness of ordinary materials. Lower density: as low as 0.003g/cm3.

Low thermal conductivity             High performance heat preservation

The clothing made of aerogel fiber has better thermal performance than wool, and the test results show that the double-side wool thread knitted fabric made of its fiber (weight 170g/㎡) can be converted into 61% of thermal insulation rate, far exceeding the national standard thermal insulation value of thermal clothing.

High Specific Surface Area

The aerogel fiber is filled with nano-air mass, and the specific surface area of the fiber is much larger than that of the porous hollow ultrafine fiber, which makes the fiber have the characteristics of strong odor absorption, good moisture absorption, high evaporation rate and easy coloring

Ultra Light

The specific gravity of aerogel is very light, between 10kg and 30kg per cubic meter, and aerogel yarn is also lightweight.

Soft and comfortable

Aerogel fiber has the property of super soft and skin care hand feeling.


Aerogel can be applied to storm jackets, mountaineering clothes, warm gloves, warm shoes and insoles, hats, waistcoats, sleeping bags, tents, yurts and more. Because of its low thermal conductivity, light weight, breathable, hydrophobic characteristics, can provide efficient thermal insulation performance.

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