Wha t's CLEANMAXpro?

CLEANMAXpro is modified for cellulose fiber, cotton, hemp, natural fiber and other materials. Through the reorganization and grafting of molecular structure, CLEANMAXpro has unusual deodorization and antibacterial functions.

The Principle of CLEANMAXpro

Compared with the ordinary PET fiber, the temperature range is higher under illumination.

Promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the human body. It has the functions of eliminating fatigue, restoring physical strength, health care and adjuvant treatment

The birth of new material

CLEANMAXpro is modified cellulose fibers, cotton, hemp, natural fibers and other materials. CLEANMAXpro has unique deodorization and antibacterial functions through molecular structure and other organization and grafting.

The application of CLEANMAXpro

CLEANMAXpro is not only an instant deodorizer suitable for all seasons.   In order to expand and enhance the added value of the products, we have developed the upgrading products of cool feeling combined with instant deodorization and heat moisturizing combined with instant deodorization according to the temperature changes in different seasons.



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